What I’m Watching: Castlevania S2E6-8

Finishing Castlevania S2, here’s where all the slow burn finally pays off. And then back to slow burn. The stand-up fight Carmilla’s been plotting finally comes up, and… I’m a little dubious how powerful an undead Bishop (Matt Frewer!) can be given that in life he couldn’t keep one vampire out of his church. But … Continue reading “What I’m Watching: Castlevania S2E6-8”

What I’m Watching: Castlevania S2E1-5

Like Castlevania S1, the art is fantastic, but the animation varies from nearly Hanna-Barbera to perfectly smooth, mostly in combat scenes. Much of the first few eps are in Dracula’s court, with his hilarious Viking vampire subject Godbrand (“I like boats! I’m a fucking Viking! We’re supposed to make boats out of things!”), slutty & … Continue reading “What I’m Watching: Castlevania S2E1-5”

Videogames and Storytelling Mix like Water and Sodium

At best you get tears & corrosive salt water, at worst you get a sodium explosion. My philosophy of games: Games are about environment and gameplay only. Graphics don’t matter much, as long as they communicate. Character and story are what you bring to it, they should not be part of the game. So, I … Continue reading “Videogames and Storytelling Mix like Water and Sodium”

What I’m Watching: Family Blood

A morning driving around in sunlight and dealing with the morning people made me wish for eternal darkness. Skipped over some bullshit soap operas and Buffy ripoffs with teenage vampires, found one adult vampire flick on Netflix. Family Blood: Starts with the last moments of a vampire wrecking a family, so you know what kind … Continue reading “What I’m Watching: Family Blood”

What I’m Watching: Love Death Robots

Anthology series of adult SF cartoons, produced by David Fincher and Tim Miller (Deadpool director). Which is like Netflix said “hey, Mark, we made a thing exactly for you!” I <3 you too, Netflix! 18 episodes, I watched 8 so far, will see the rest next binge. Sonnie’s Edge: I instantly recognized this, but couldn’t … Continue reading “What I’m Watching: Love Death Robots”

What I’m Watching: Disenchantment

The new Matt Groening cartoon, at long last! Surely after 4000 years of the Simpsons, and a few seasons of Futurama over the 30-some years it was on and off and on and off, has taught him how to craft a tightly-wound, kickass cartoon! Imagine the Dark Ages. Imagine plague, filth, terrible rulership by inbred … Continue reading “What I’m Watching: Disenchantment”